Our Story

A Hope

Ed.Wa. Two brothers, Edoardo and Paolo. One desire. To work together on creating quality streetwear. One obstacle. The environment. They hated the idea of their self-expression harming the environment.

70 Pounds of Clothes

That's the average amount that is thrown away by each one of us each year

Second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world
Eduardo and Paolo searched for answers. Fast fashion is the second highest polluter after oil. Fashion is now concentrated around an endless cycle of disposable threads – you buy, you wear for a month, the trend changes and it all goes around again. Clothes don’t last because they are made from weak fabrics or have weak designs you get bored off.

The Mission

Thankfully many brands are waking to the idea of protecting the environment. They are reducing water usage and increasing recycled materials.

That isn’t enough.

Ed.wa aims to go one step further.

Reduced consumption> increased recycling

Ed.wa doesn’t want you to compromise ethics for the look.

Ed.wa invest in tailor made pieces that last and clothes that you want to last. No compromise